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Interactive Music Tee videos
November 15, 2008, 10:38 am
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LoudSpeaker X Graffeetee part 1

LoudSpeaker X Graffeetee part 2

LoudSpeaker X Graffeetee part 3

LoudSpeaker X Graffeetee part 4


interactive tee designs preview
August 13, 2008, 6:53 am
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check out the latest interactive tee designs preview see more ->

or click the image to see the animation:

[music tee] this graffee-tee interacts with the music in the surrounding as the graphics on the tee animate based on the music level

music tee

music tee

music tee

music tee

[buddy tee] this graffee-tee interacts with sound of your buddies nearby and senses the conversation and sound level. the graphics on the tee animate and flash based on the sound and cheerful level

buddy tee

buddy tee

special this week
May 29, 2008, 10:15 pm
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SPECIAL this week! we’ll give free prize/lucky bag to anyone who completes the puzzle.

check out now

original rule: one winner per puzzle as stated here in this post


new puzzle
May 29, 2008, 4:42 am
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new puzzle created at, check it out.


“Street Level ” exhibition at ICA Boston

<< Robin Rhode, Still from “Untitled, Harvest,” 2005. Digital animation.

Check it out – the exhibition runs from March to Oct, 2008 at ICA Boston. Looks like a pretty interesting art exhibition. The museum itself is an interesting architecture. Great view of the Boston skyline too…

>> For these artists, city streets act as fluid, living sources of inspiration.

Street Levelpresents recent work by three promising artists whose works draw directly from street culture: Mark Bradford (Los Angeles), William Cordova (Lima, Miami, New York) and Robin Rhode (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Berlin). Using metropolitan grids, billboards, boom boxes, and graffiti as open-ended metaphors, their works both celebrate and critique how cultural territory is defined and transformed in urban environments. <<


Singing / Music T-Shirt on Sale (No Joke)
May 14, 2008, 9:59 pm
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yeah, no jokes.

we, at graffeetee, are keen on design and enjoy sharing that with you. we are currently making music t-shirt for real that plays your favorite tunes on regular washable good design shirt without wiring. we’ll be sending it to production soon.. We are soliciting design and ideas. what songs/music/sound you folks like in the t-shirt design? We are going to open up for submission. Any serious design and idea is welcome. Wubmit your sound piece and graphic design as long as you own or create it. It could be anything interesting, fun, hip, slamming, etc… but yeah, be serious.. and see if you get enough vote.. Well, we’d love to ‘print’ your favorite song as long as you got an OK from the record company or whoever owns it, you know…

If there are some good ideas, good interests and demand, we’ll make it for sale summer ’08 ( ju(n)ly timeframe :)…

reply to this blog with a link to your design (audio and graphic)
visit the blog at

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May 9, 2008, 4:13 am
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while the Graffeetee team is hard at work doing development, we thought we would poke some fun and offer you a new graffeetee puzzle each week.

this might not be the most challenging puzzle or game you’ve ever tackled but this probably is one with a lot of fun…

this definitely beats card game or whatever it’s on your desktop. to spice it up, we are going to reward the first one who complete the game in the fewest moves a surprise prize in a lucky bag” – somewhat a japanese new year tradition (Fukubukuro) and even Apple did something like for the new year in 2007. but usually it’s for purchase, here we are kind of making it like the “kinder surprise” but FREE.

yes, it’s a surprise, so you won’t know it what’s in there in advance. the goodies are in the range of cool sanrio items, kidbot toys, car model, key chain, to electronic.

no joke, this is for real… afterall, we should all have some fun and beat the monday, tuesday, or any kind of blues at work or at lunch during a hectic day when you can’t go out for lunch because your esteem boss or colleague scheduled a meeting at 12:35pm. classic…

and so, to spice up your life a bit, i think we are deserve some serendipity in life… being free with some randomness is good to our health (mentally).

definitely it’s a creative stuff and activity out of your boring day of routines. btw, don’t forget to join the flickr group, and you can submit your favorite graphic, images or graffiti photo to be featured in the next “graffeetee puzzle”.   [go to flickr group]

there will be instructions to submit score once you completed it. tell a friend or two and collaborate to win more prize quicker!

Game On… Enjoy!

Creatively yours,
graffeetee team